lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Salud, Steve.

En enero de 1989, cuando yo era todavía un joven estudiante de Diseño Industrial en la UNAM me encontré con un artículo en la revista International Design que quiero citar para alzar mi copa (de mezcal Tobala blanco, un pedacito de cielo) en honor a Steve Jobs:

"The great innovations of the world take a few years to develop," Jobs said, as he discussed his vision of NeXT. "I have always tried to create products that are essential in their design, products that can become cultural symbols." For Jobs, cultural symbols are those few unmistakable classics of every decade that take on a life of their own: he cites the early IBM Selectrics, the Polaroid SX70, Mercedes Benz automobiles and "to some extent," the Apple II and Macintosh. Essential to a product´s iconic status is design, which is why Jobs was particularly keen on perfecting the NeXT computer´s exterior. "We are definitely pushing the envelope of design with this computer," he said, streesing that design is key to introducing complex technologies and software. "I have a lot of faith in design´s ability to present new and exciting features to customers-it can definitely result in the competitive edge."


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